Gawronski to speak at World Exchange Congress 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey

10:20AM  PANEL DEBATE: Setting your sights on high growth markets: what are the benefits of fostering ties with

emerging market players?

             Are the best opportunities for exchange consolidation to be found in Asian and LatAm regions?

             How can you overcome regulatory hurdles to facilitate growth opportunities outside of your home


             How can you overcome restrictions on foreign ownership and complicated shareholding structures?

             Is there a risk of government interference when seeking alliances with emerging market players?


11:50AM  PRESENTATION: The Impact of Exchange Consolidation on End Users
•        Why and how consolidation will continue despite recent setbacks
•        Why fewer exchange groups doesn't necessarily mean fewer trading venues
•        How recent and future deals affect competition, fees and other aspects of end user outcomes

World Exchange Congress 2012

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