Accelerated Tableau Training Seminar Taught by Joe Mako

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Island Hotel 690 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660-6431

Take Your Tableau Skills to the Highest Level:

To bring value-add to our clients, we use visual analysis to help them make better decisions accurately and quickly. Tableau is our tool of choice for visual analysis. It has greatly accelerated our client engagement and product development. We want to share cutting-edge techniques and help you gain a greater edge with Tableau. Join us for this Seminar to take your Tableau skills to the highest level, enabling you to rapidly answer your complex questions.

This Seminar is for:
Anyone with experience with Tableau, and the desire to answer complex questions. When you want to iterate quickly through multiple advanced calculations, and spending time in a cycle working with another expert will take too long. This seminar will use concrete examples to show you how Tableau approaches data, and hands-on exercises to gain the experience to get Tableau to perform exactly the analysis you want without guess work.

Key Seminar Information:
• This is not a Tableau introductory course; attendees are expected to know the basics of working with Tableau. Tableau provides fantastic free resources to learn the basics with on-demand tutorials and live training, see
• In order to participate in the hands-on exercises, attendees will need to bring their own laptop with Tableau 7 preinstalled. Work areas with power strips will be provided. Internet access in the classroom will not be provided.
• Meals will be provided, please inform us on the registration form of any special dietary needs.
• The seminar with run from 8am to 5pm

Topics Covered:

  • Table Calculations
  • Factors that affect computation
  • Compute using settings
  • Nesting a table calc on a table calc
  • Optimizing their evaluation
  • Filtering order of operations
  • Working with dates
  • Data Blending techniques
  • Controlling the SQL Tableau generates
  • Multiple mark types, and multiple levels of detail
  • Layout and display design details
  • Additional tips and techniques




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About the Instructor:

Joe Mako, widely recognized globally as an expert at designing solutions in Tableau, will teach the Seminar. Joe has used Tableau extensively since 2008, creating interactive viewpoints of data to enable people to get answers to their complex questions easily. Joe is active with the Tableau community of users, gaining special recognition by Tableau Software for his over 3,200 posts on the Tableau User Forum, solving a variety of situations for hundreds of Tableau users ranging in skill from beginner to advanced. Currently, Joe is Director of Visual Analytics at Rosenblatt Securities and part of the Execution Analytics & Consulting group, which works with some of the largest institutional investors in the world.

About Rosenblatt:
We specialize in financial market analysis. From the top down, our team marries a tradition of personal service and integrity with the industry’s deepest understanding of market structure and trading dynamics.
Rosenblatt is a Member: NYSE, FINRA & SIPC.

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