Gawronski To Moderate At FIA Boca 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boca Raton Resort and Club

FIA Boca 2013

The Evolution of Trading & Trading Firms

The panel of proprietary trading firm leaders from the U.S. and Europe will discuss how these firms are evolving as a result of a challenging macro environment and what challenges and opportunities regulatory changes are presenting. How are trading firms positioning themselves to take advantage of opportunities in the new environment and what new asset classes and geographies are becoming more desirable? What concerns our panelists about the policies legislators, regulators and exchanges may adopt? Will volume pick up and volatility return? Given the costs of state of the art trading infrastructure today, is it getting harder for new entrants to compete with existing larger players?  What are the next big things on the technology and trading infrastructure front?  Have attitudes about proprietary trading firms started to shift?

Chair: Joe Gawronski, President & Chief Operating Officer, Rosenblatt Securities


Philip Bond, Visiting Professor of Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bristol and Visiting Fellow, Oxford Centre for Industrial & Applied Mathematics
Isaac Chang, Global Head of Fixed Income, Getco
Eric Chern, Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Trading Company
Richard Gorelick, Chief Executive Officer, RGM Advisors
Remco Lenterman, Managing Director, IMC Financial Markets
Raj Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer, Allston Trading


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