Rosenblatt Market Structure & Regulatory Roundtable

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Atlanta, GA


Buy Side Market Structure & Regulatory Roundtable – Atlanta

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Morton’s Steakhouse

303 Peachtree Center Avenue

Cocktails    4:45pm

Dinner/Discussion  5:45pm


Presenter - Justin Schack

Based on the positive feedback received from those that took part in last year's MSRR, we are planning to have Justin Schack in town on Jan 15th of the new year to lead our 2nd annual Atlanta area market-structure discussion with a group of your peers.  We'll be covering, among other topics, the lasting impact of Flash Boys on both market regulation and behavior, including the SEC's plans for both short-term reforms, a long-term market structure review (including the impending tick size pilot), as well as the buy side's increasing focus on analyzing broker routing and execution data. The open and interactive nature of the session will certainly lead us to additional items of interest and importance to delve into.

 Please join us. 


Justin Schack, Managing Director and Partner at Rosenblatt Securities, is Head of Market Structure Analysis, and the lead writer for the firm’s Trading Talk reports. Justin is now widely recognized as authoritative voices on global market structure and the exchange industry. 

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