Rosenblatt's 9th Annual Financial Technologies Summit

Thursday, September 21, 2017

New York


FOUNDED in 2009

     Rosenblatt’s Financial Technologies Summit was created with the goal of bringing together innovators from some of the year’s most disruptive areas of FinTech for a day of knowledge sharing, networking and growth. Innovators are joined by fellow entrepreneurs, determined investors and industry professionals. Since 2009, panel topics have included Personal Finance, Investment Management, Alternative Lending, Payments, BigData/Alternative Data for Capital Markets, Cloud-Based Solutions, Blockchain, Insurtech, Artificial Intelligence, and more.



SEPTEMBER 21st, 2017 -- Convene Conference Center, NYC

     Rosenblatt is pleased to welcome 15 disruptive innovators who will be speaking on panels across Blockchain, Insurtech and Artificial Intelligence. Our founders have an impressive variety of backgrounds including decades of experience founding other innovative companies with successful exits, experience in banking, trading, management consulting and the US military.

What do Blockchain, Insurtech and Artificial Intelligence companies have in common as a foundational goal? Trust.

  • Blockchain: trust that your digitized assets, valuables and information is protected and validated
  • Insurtech: trust that insureds and insurers have each other’s best interests in mind at every step of their relationship
  • Artificial Intelligence: trust that technology can be programmed to add efficiencies to a company’s workflow, enrich customer interaction and develop highly scalable systems

Click here to see our agenda for September 21st.

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