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Rosenblatt Levels the Playing Field

Monday, September 07, 2009

The introduction of third-party cloud computing and data storage offerings has allowed smaller firms to exploit infrastructure resources that were once limited to the largest bulge-bracket firms. DWT editor Rob Daly sits down with Raman Kannan, CTO of Rosenblatt Securities, to discuss how his firm has benefited from these new offerings.

DWT: You have just reached your two-year anniversary as CTO of Rosenblatt Securities. How does it feel?

Raman Kannan, Rosenblatt Securities: Number of years: Do they ever matter? For me, participating and influencing the cultural changes and the growth at Rosenblatt has been rewarding. In these two years, we have implemented a more advanced program trading platform to replace the previous one, as well as an international trading platform; released a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trading imbalance tracker to clients; built a corporate services portal; and launched a real-time transaction cost analysis ...

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