17 January 2017


Justin Schack

Managing Director    

Alex Kemmsies

Vice President    

Rosenblatt Securities Inc.    
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Canadian Trading Monthly

The 183 equity securities listed in both Canada and the US had average daily volume across both countries of 543.6 million shares in December, down 7.33% m/m. Of this total, 293mn (53.9%) traded in the US (-6.45% m/m) and 251mn (46.1%) traded in Canada (-8.34% m/m). This is essentially flat with the 54.0%-46.0% US-CAD split in November (see chart, below). Market-wide ADV, including single-listed and inter-listed names, decreased 4.84% m/m in Canada and 12.99% in the US. The portion of all Canadian volume coming from inter-listed securities fell from 26.7% to 25.8%. The US figure rose from 4.0% to 4.3%.

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